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Fee Schedule

We believe in providing accessible and quality care to support your well-being. Our fee schedule is designed to accommodate various needs and ensure transparency in our services. We offer competitive rates for individual therapy sessions, group therapy and psychological assessments. Additionally, we are in-network with Blue Cross only. We are able to bill other insurances except Tricare, Medicaid and Medicare. Your mental health is important to us, and we strive to make our services affordable and inclusive. Please reach out to our friendly staff for more information on our fees.

Assessment: $495.00

Individual Psychotherapy (1-30min): $175

Individual Psychotherapy (31-52min): $250

Individual Psychotherapy- extended (53-60+): $310

Couples/Family: $295

Crisis 1st 60min: $310

Crisis additional 30 mins: $175

Prolonged Individual: $310

Jail Assessments: $1,050 (minimum 3 hours, 1.5 for assessment, 1.5 for travel and/or prep work)

OCS/DVWTCC Assessments: $600

No-show No-call fee: $100

Court Fees/Time: $250 minimum 2 hours




In-Network insurance rates may vary. No cash pay discount

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